Thursday 23 February 2017

For All our Relations at Standing Rock...

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To all our relations at Standing Rock

This blog is written by Sally Pullinger (Medium Of Chung Fu) 2017

On this day when the eviction order has been given for All our Relations at Standing Rock, on this day when 'illegal' 'immigrants'  are being hounded out of the United States of America, on this day when the fires of war are still fiercely burning in many places in the world, on this day when innocent women, men and children are suffering endless injustice ...........

I call.......

I call to the Solar Logos, to the Source Energy pouring from the Centre of Creation, I call to the Light of The Great Spirit, of the Creator and Creatress of All that Is, I call to the Deep Source Energy within each and every one of us, to pour love, courage and compassion into the hearts and minds of leaders of nations everywhere, that they may stem the tides of madness and negativity sweeping across the Earth......

 And as these atrocities bring terrible endings, may we be empowered to create wondrous new beginnings amongst the dying ashes of this destruction and devastation, may we daily rise again and again with unstoppable positivity and hope and the certainty that goodness and kindness will prevail, are prevailing, that deep down our human race knows love, that we have come here to experience love, to bring love, to birth love in a myriad of forms. 

Perhaps it had to get this bad before absolutely everyone 'gets it' .... no more complacency ...... we are no longer the ones we have been waiting for, we have arrived, we are now the ones who are here, we are the ones who are birthing the new understanding ....... no more waiting...... 

We are a great wave of humanity carrying the energy of the Solar Logos, the Creation Power pouring through from the Cosmic Central Sun. 

We can see, we know how we must be, we hear the Voice of Mother Earth, we hear the Voice of Goddess and God speaking to us through Nature and the Elements, as well as through Angels and Archangels. 

We are a Great Global Tribe of many colours, races and religions, but we are One Tribe unified by One Purpose - The Transformation of the way humans live upon the Earth.

It is wonderful that we are from every possible nation, speaking every language and dialect, and living here there and everywhere ....... 

Chung Fu brings us endless encouragement and upliftment  as he explains what is happening in the Worlds of Light.  

Chung Fu tells us that at this time the old forms are dying, in politics, economics, society ...... and new forms are being born amongst the debris of what is falling down.

It is a very exciting time to be alive in a human body on the earth ...... 

....... have a listen to the healing transmissions of Ascended Master, Metaphysical Teacher and Spirit Guide Chung Fu ...... 

He is one of many ascended and angelic beings coming forward to help us in these demanding times, and he brings us a message of hope and upliftment, love and positivity for change and transformation inside and out, in the beauty way, with the greatest of ease ........

Blessings and Peace
Sally Pullinger 

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Higher Self Practice 
Ascended Being and Metaphysical Teacher Chung Fu

Blessings and Peace

May the Living Spirit that is within all things come forward and illuminate your path, enabling your Higher Self to project the very best into the outcome just ahead of you, bringing joy, love, harmony, peace and deep understanding that is beyond the mind.

And so .... you have opened your centres and protected yourself, and are ready to go forward into your world. As you go out at this time, you have within you an idea of the perfect outcome of that which is for the highest good of all, of that which expresses the beauty, the love and the truth that is within the heart of you. Within you is a vision of perfection, of how you see the next few hours, the next period of time, the next venture within your life, the next communication and enactment, transpiring.

How do you see it?  What is the very best that can happen?  Feel yourself breathing, maintaining the openness of your centres, breathing in the love from deep within the Earth, the Life Force, the Chi.  Feel your heart connecting with the human situation, with the life situation you are about to enter.

Feel how your Soul is connecting with the Souls of all involved and calling for the highest good, for truth, beauty and love to come forward through each and every one, and see especially yourself full of the energy of your Higher Self, of the intention for the very best to happen.

If you know there is a negative emotion, or a negative emotional possibility within the situation.  Feel yourself looking in, going deep with your laser sight spiritually, to the core of any wounding that is causing the negativity.  Feel the compassion within your heart, feel the love go forward to meet that place of wounding.  Feel the love pour out of your heart, pour down into dark places where you can sense a hunger for Loving Presence, in one or several of the people you might be going to meet, or in yourself in relation to one or several of those who you will meet.

Feel your compassion equally applied to yourself to any dark spaces of fear or apprehension within yourself as you breathe, feel yourself opening places of constriction or fear and allowing the light to pour in from your Crown Centre, from the Source of Light, pouring in, feeding places of hunger or fear within you with love and light.  Feel yourself repeating quietly, "I love you".  It is almost impersonal, yet deeply personal.  It is to a part of you or a part of another who is feeling isolated, alone or afraid of dying, or of being further attacked.  Feel your love reaching out.

Feel yourself calling to the Divine Presence to infuse every cell, every atom, with love, with compassion and kindness, with energetic nourishment and care.  In your minds eye, see how there is a small place inside every wounded place.  Whether that place is within you or within another, just make that effort with your heart and embrace it in your mind's eye, just as you would pick up a wounded animal or child,  take that small wounded aspect in your arms whether it is yours or another's, and just pour love into it, saying "I love you, I care for you, I am sorry that you are hurting, I hold you, I take care of you".

Feel how every part of you naturally absorbs this energy of love and know that deep within the World of Light the Souls of those with whom you might be having some kind of difficulty are receiving this energy from the Source, and it is helping the situation all the way towards complete transformation.

Now, in your minds eye visualise the very best outcome.  If there has been sadness or loss, feel the return of joy and presence  Feel the smiling loving embrace of reunion, within yourself with yourself, within another with themselves, or between two beings or more, who have become alienated or separated through pain and fear.  Feel the light shining through you and feel yourself beaming with love and positivity that is radiating all around you, healing the situation with the greatest of ease.

Feel yourself walking forward upon the road ahead, situations resolving themselves, feeling a flexibility, feeling an openness, allowing the flow, allowing the healing, receiving the love, feeling the Spirit Beings all around you and feeling yourself walking with your head held high knowing that deep within you you are made with Love and Light, Love that has become Light, Light that is ever becoming Form, the Forms of Love. Feel yourself going right through your day, right through this period of time where this enactment is taking place, and see yourself coming through successful and smiling with the result you have intended, and having created upon the way a lot of beauty peace and love, having worked with truth, with integrity and with kindness.

Become aware of the Ancestors who are extremely interested in this work, and become equally aware that you can send that Energy into your ancestral bloodlines to heal and help them too.

We give thanks for the protection that is all around, for the love and blessings, peace and wisdom, inspiration, healing and compassion of the all-in-one Divine Presence guiding your path within your life.

The solar beings have come in. This is for a purpose, and of course, there is no distance in the worlds of light. I'd like you to consider that fact as I open the pathways of light for you, to journey to the world that is the world of the Central Sun. Time doesn't matter, distance doesn't matter. 

Breathe deep and relax.

You are already expanded and open and you remember, in the beautiful Temple of Light how you put your visions and how they became 3D, those visions that came from your Higher Self how they inspired you, come back to them, feel them. Your creations shining directly through you into your mind of light, the Solar Logos, the Ray form the Central Sun, the Pure Ray of Creation. It is in your hands, it's in your heart, it's in every cell of your body, deep in your root centre, in your hara, in your feet. Imagine small Suns in every are made of light... made of light....made of light.  Inside you the God-Goddess power resonates. Your human self stays at the Altar with your Vision, and your being of light easily, effortlessly, becomes one with all the beings here journeying with you, all who are questing, all who are supporting, moving along the Pathways of Light through Universes. All around you is the Cosmos, and your body of light is one with all around you, and there is this wonderful feeling of solidarity, of wholeness, as though all arms are linked as One great Body of Light, moving for the Purpose of the whole, for the Oneness the whole.

As you look down you see the Earth,  beyond your Temple of Light, down below, the Earth, and all the people, and you know you are connected to so many of these people. Groups here and there, families, communities, people you know, people you link to far and wide. But this Body of Light stays together in a great Purpose of wholeness. You can feel each other, you can feel the strength of each other, the light and the beauty of each other, committed, dedicated, rising...rising on pathways of light. And as you rise you feel and see other Beings coming to you, winged Beings, Beings of other dimensionality, Angelic Beings, Archangelic Beings, Beings of other colours, of other shapes, Beings from other dimensions all coming to join, coming to lift, coming to assist. you can feel the Love growing, growing, it is effortless, it is beautiful, it is easy, it is natural. It is who you are, growing, rising, luminous, supported, radiant, expanding, moving forward, being ever more surrounded in light. Feeling yourself becoming that light, knowing that you are gradually being absorbed into a vast World of Light, of extraordinary beauty, pure radiance.

Beings come seemingly to greet you, but they just invite you and call you and draw you in, all around you, visions of such beauty. There are scenes of nature, of mountains, of forests, of waterfalls, of oceans. There are beauteous structures, crystalline cathedrals, as though all of Creation you can see, whatever you wish you can see here.  Your mind asks questions... What is this place? The light is so bright, overpowering your ability to think. Just seeing the light and hearing, and asking from inside your heart, the Vast Presence Divine surrounding you, penetrating you.

In front of you a great mirror. You look and you see. When you are ready you know you must walk through the mirror... you walk through the mirror.


Nectar pours forth...bathing...drinking...receiving...ecstasy and peace...

Yet from here you can see the whole World of Earth, you can look down and see from this place of total peace and oneness, all of the creation that is Earth.


You can feel the Love that connects from here to Earth. You can hear the cries calling, calling from Earth into the heart of the Central Sun. You feel yourself breathing up all those cries, all those prayers, like the ones you made, all those visions of all the billions of souls upon the Earth...breathing them up into this Space of the Heart Divine. Breathing them out into the light, filling up with the Ecstasy and the Peace, the Nectar of Pure Love. Receiving the Blessings that you will take to each and every one upon the Earth. Feeling inside you...I am the Light that never dies...I am the eternally flowing Love pouring into all hearts and minds...

Feeling yourself filling up.

I am the Light of creation pouring into all dimensions. Feel it inside you this light, absorb it, drink it. Look once again, down, and you will see other Worlds between you and the Earth, Astral worlds, where equally souls are calling for the light, where also there is suffering, yet emotional and mental.


And as you breathe feel how you are connected to many beings in these Astral planes that are also receiving now, as soon as you fill up, they receive, for they are already in the Worlds of pure Light. As you look around you you see all the Ascended Beings, Beings of other dimensions, here, with you. Notice them, look round at them. In your mind's eye acknowledge and bless them as they acknowledge and bless you. Feel your oneness with all the Beings who have accompanied you here, those who have gathered in this circle, and all their Guides, helpers, all the Enlightened Ones, all the Ascended Beings.  You are a great company. In this fountain of Eternal Love, light, peace, youth, beauty, truth, joy.. feel yourself saturated and full to the brim...

I am the Living Spirit emanating from the source of all life, all light and all love.

Feel yourself getting ready to take all this beauty, light and love back to your Temple of Light. Feeling the vast Golden Presence, gathering, coming back from your journey, coming back into that Oneness, feeling the strength and the power of each other. Feel how these are your friends now, on the same journey as you with the same understanding, support for each other, same Purpose. Carriers of light, love, power, in every cell illuminated as you start to glide on pathways of light, seeing the Earth, and seeing all around you the Cosmos, knowing that you are returning with all that you have gained...gliding down towards the Earth... as you see you are getting close, coming through the Astral Planes, many Spirit Beings still close to the Earth, Beings to whom you sent light, down into that deep inner space... coming back down towards the physical Earth, feeling the atmosphere, down towards where your body is in your dwelling, your residence, down, still feeling big and expanded.. coming towards the Temple of Light before you come to the physical, but knowing where your physical body is.

Breathing... sitting down in your circle, in your Temple of Light. In your mind's eye take hold of your Vision which is now illuminated, take it back all illuminated, all full of the juice of the light of manifestation, bring it back into your heart, bring it back inside you to bring back with you to your life. Feel it coming right inside you, your Vision, your Plan. That which you believe in in the heart of your child, that which you know is possible for you life. Your greatest, highest, strongest imagined Vision that will make you the most happy, the most prosperous, the most abundantly loved and nurtured, that gives you the most opportunity to share your love and light with the world and with each other. As you bring your Vision back in your heart, feel it grow roots down through your being, feel it fill up your whole body. As you come back to your place, to your psychical body, feel it, feel your body, feel your arms," my beautiful body, my instrument of manifestation, this body through whom I shall walk my Vision, my Creation. This body through whom I shall share my love, my heart, my compassion, my healing power, my light". Feel your love for your Being, your creation, and your love for all the potential of your Vision.

Breathing deep...

Inside you feel this affirmation -

I am the Living Incarnation of my Higher Self who is the Living Manifestation of the Light of the Divine Source.

I walk my Being into this world, I ground my Being onto this Earth, I arrive with all of me, I bring all of me to shine here, on Earth, and I am grateful for all that I receive. I am willing to transform all that is shown to me and that needs to be dissolved or cleared to make way for the full presence of my Higher Self,  that I may manifest my Soul's Purpose, here upon the Earth.

And so it is

Blessings and Peace.

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Monday 28 November 2016

Introduction To Ascended Master Chung Fu

Blessings and peace beloved, may the living spirit that is within all things come forward and bring you joy, love, peace, harmony and deep understanding that is beyond the mind.  

At this time in your world, many beings of the light are coming forward to bring love and upliftment,  to bring healing and deep understanding into the minds and hearts of men, women and children upon the earth.

At this time within your world, transformation is taking place at the deepest level within the earth, within each and every human Soul, within all Beings. This transformation is a universal transformation, radiating out amongst the stars, out into the cosmos as the earth takes its place within the greater scheme of the evolution within the Universe. 

All beings are connected, all beings give and take into the great collective that is life. The pulsing of life throughout the universe is felt by every single being, deep deep within the core. Life itself comes forward, the God-Goddess Force that is within, the life that pulses that is the love. 

At this time within your world the pulse is issued forth from the Central Sun, the Sun that radiates within the physical world, the reflection, the outer manifestation of the God-Goddess Force that pulses within the Centre of the Universe of Light. It is from this Universe of Light that all matter proceeds. All materialises from the Source of Love, the Divine Heart, the Solar Logos, the Cosmic Sun.  

There are many names given to the Beings of Light who come forward into your world at this time. 
I am Chung Fu, I am one of the Great Brother-Sisterhood of the Soul, who have been overseeing life and the evolution of the human Soul upon your planet for many aeons. We have been moving towards this point of time, this very time laden with potential beloved one.

As you come forward to hear my voice, I come forward to speak to your Soul. For we are joined together within, that are drawn into this dialogue of great depth, a dialogue that is beyond the conscious mind where we are joined together in the very heart of the Divine Source, where we are one, not separate.  

For within you at this time your heart opens to receive the voice of your own Higher Self. As your heart opens you become aware of a great depth, sometimes of emotions, fears, deep feelings that are irrational, blockages, a sense of restriction, or limitation, something uncomfortable. These are the aspects coming forward from your subconscious mind, they are called forward by the shining of the light of your Higher Self.  

As you open your heart to allow the beings of light who are all around you, to connect, to shine their Deep Soul Light inside you. As you feel this presence there arises within you, a thirst, a hunger. It is as natural as your physical thirst, your physical hunger. It is as natural as your emotional needs, as your humanity, your human nature which tells you the truth of your emotions.

But this is a spiritual hunger. This is where your Higher Self starts to speak to you from inside of what is possible. Where the Light of your Spirit shines from inside you, leading you, bringing you forward to a place where you are inquisitive. What is going on? I must know more. I must get in touch with this part of myself, I can feel it, there is something there, I cannot quite reach it.  

It is your Soul. The Light of your Soul attuned to the great enlightenment, the coming forward of this new light in your world. Your Soul is calling you to discover and remember to come back to that true identity of your being, to that which you already know, that you are connected to all that is, that you are One with the Living Spirit Within.

The God-Goddess Force is rising, pulsing, from the depths of your Soul, coming forward inviting you, calling you to the most exciting adventure of your whole life. This is the adventure of discovering your True Self, your unique, extraordinary, wondrous, powerful, true self, the You that you came here to be in totality, in fullness, in wondrous, multi-coloured omnipresence. You came here to bring forward your expression of the God-Goddess Force, of the Divine Presence that is your essence.

And in this journey beloved one friend and friends gathered here, I Chung Fu am committed to you, to bring you through difficult and dark passages of your journey, to bring the Light when you need to see what is hazy or unclear, what is dark, or hidden. Chung Fu is here with many Beings of the Brother-Sisterhood of the Soul. We are Beings devoted to this work, to the work of assisting you in your Souls' evolutionary path, to the becoming of your unique, powerful True Self. 

So I invite you to come forward with all of your heart open, that we may explore together within each and every one of you these unique and extraordinary aspects, these deep and possibly never before discovered facets of your being. We offer ourselves to you beloved ones.

To all those of you who come forward at this time we say be at peace, and know there is so much assistance, support and love, power, kindness, understanding, so much healing and empathy. It is very
close to you, so close you can just breathe it in right now. We are committed to assisting you to understanding how you can avail yourself of all this Love and support at this special time in your life. 

We, all the Spirit Beings, look forward to working with you in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

May the Living Spirit that is within all things, come forward and bring you the blessings, the love, the joy, the courage, the tenacity, the deep peace and understanding that is beyond the mind as you walk on your path of spiritual adventure. 

Blessings and Peace